Taiji Hanto Circuit Course



The course on the last day will be in Taiji Town on a beautiful and rugged peninsula overlooking the sea. Taiji is a famous historical whaling village in Japan and you will get a sense of this history as you run the course.
The warm black current from South East Asia blesses and warms the coastline of the Taiji Peninsula bringing a tropical feel to the area which features the bustling green of tropical plant life and palm trees and has become a frequently visited tourist destination.
While this Taiji part of the course is full of pleasant sea breezes, it is in no sense an easy ride.
This year's course is new and different from the previous one.
The course will start at Kujira-hama Park, go around Taiji Port and Kandori Cape, turn left at Taiji Elementary School and pass along the new road. It will be a real circuit course of Taiji Peninsula. There is the steep slope to ascend then some hairpin curves to maneuver around the Taiji Elementary School. The course is rich in changes and will be a challenging course to be reckoned with for the athletes and will be very encouraging to the athletes as they finish the race.
Although the era and purpose of whaling is different than a cycling race perhaps the passion and determination to win is the sama? In any case, the people of Taiji will be up close enough to slmost feel the breath of the athletes coming and going and for the athletes and spectators will prove to be an exciting and moving as the athletes and spectators become of one mind and body in the last moments of the race.


■ UCI 2.2


PARADE:0.7km   RACE:9.8km + 10.5km × 9laps
6月6日(日)JUN 6 Sun
スターティングセレモニー / STARTING CEREMONY ( くじら浜公園 / Whale Prak ) 9:40
レース開始 / RACE START (くじら浜公園 / Whale Park ) 10:00
フィニッシュ予定 / FINISH (くじら浜公園 / Whale Park ) 12:40