This second stage is the most exciting scene in Tour de Kumano.
Last year, the race course was changed due to the previous typhoon, but the road has been restored the course has returned to the original one this year.
After completing the gradual ascent to the Fuden Tunnel, the course descends into Kiwa Town where the riders will make a U-turn, and head for the first mountain run near Senmaida. As its name suggests, Senmada is a famous spot where numerous small rice paddies can be found on a mountain side and is of great scenic beauty, but no riders will even notice. The tough climb continues for a while and this area is also the most attractive watching spot for spectators. After descending from Senmaida, the course turns back to Route 311 and will head for the highest mountain point, Fudatate Summit. The road around Fudatate Summit is narrow course on the way down. This stage of the race will give victory to the athletes who can excel during ascending, descending, or on a flat course.
After completing the challenging descent from Fudatate Summit, the course will return to Kiwa Town and head for Senmaida again which is the last mountain point.
Now, at this point, how many of the riders can make it to the third stage of the race. Only riders who wins all course, ascending, descending and flatland will be able to win the race! Who will win this year's race?


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